About Us

L O V I N G   N A T U R E
Exploring unspoiled nature
We love nature. We like it calm and peaceful. Living in a very remote Village and trying to become self-sufficient is one of our goals. A simple sustainable lifestyle were less sometimes means more. Learning every single day and experiencing life as it is: Beautiful and stunningly perfect. Thank god.

I like mountain climbing, nature hiking and especially waterfalls. I love following streams trough thick forests and can sit for hours just watching gods creation. To put all of this into one experience I prefer to follow a small stream up a mountain surrounded by forest and might be compensated and certainly surprised by discovering a small waterfall beauty or suddenly coming to an opening where I have a stunning view or stay the night. Sleeping outside is important for me as much as running barefoot whenever possible.

As long as i can remember I am content when alone in nature and I love to explore unknown wild places where nobody went before (or at least there is no mark or sign of civilization). So when I am deep in the wilderness, I take only a few pixels with me and i leave maybe a couple of footprints. That’s what nature lovers should do. Soak in the experience. Enjoy the place. Take a deep breath of pristine air and be connected with nature. Run barefooted if possible and be grounded. I need this to recharge myself once in a while. It reminds me that everything is perfect like god has created it and that we have everything we need already in abundance. Best thing is to let nature do the job and we better do nothing.

O U R   S T O R Y
There is no limit to love
I was born in Germany. Anusha in Sri Lanka. When our paths of life first crossed she was head over ears in love with me, while I was head over heels in love with her. It was a natural thing and felt very familiar. It was the best thing that ever happend to me. Three years later we were in deadly earnest and got married. Today thinking of that we both are grinning like Cheshire cats. Now we are in Monaragala where it somethimes rains dogs and cats. Plus we have a cat named Tiger…

My brown sugar girl came in my life just about at the right time. From the first day on we shared everything and there is always something to talk, laugh or fight about. The time with her is basically just an alignment of perfect moments. We have connected our first moments with the song “Better together” from Jack Johnson. With that music in the ear the mind remembers and the heart feels.


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