A B O U T   T H E   T R E E H O U S E
The treehouse accommodates up to 2 persons (double bed). This is the perfect place for yoga, meditation, relaxing, reading, thinking, writing, singing or what ever you do.
The treehouse is waiting for you to relax and soak in the calmness of this unique and very special place. We build it up with our own hands and lots of love. It is nestled in a large Mango-Tree down by the small stream and surrounded by rainforest…


The story of the treehouse
We alwayse wanted to have a treehouse.
In August 2012 we started to build it together with our friend Nils. First we selected a suitable tree and climbed up. Then we build up the lower platform and organised the bolts. The next step was to set the bolts and then to fix the knees. Then we connected the knees and began to build the bridge. After the bridge was done we installed the stairs and then settting up the posts for the treehouse. We went on with the whole roof construction and finally put on a palmleaf roof. That was finished in December 2012. So far we had spend 4 month on the site. Now we had to wait out the rainy season.
In March 2013 wie started again to work for 3 month and first put in the floor. After that we build up the lounge and the double bed and fixed the door. The bathroom was still missing, but we had a longer break then. During that time we had my brother here for a month and then Juri came for about 2 1/2 months staying already in the treehouse and gave us a helping hand.
In November 2013 the final works started. We put in the bathroom- and kitchenfloor, set up the walls and build in a small kitchen and the toilet. We fixed the waterline, put up an open air shower nearby the bridge and then set up a fence with handrails along the bridge and around the lower platform. The treehouse got a kitchen sink, a hand wash sink and a flushing toilet. We finished the last works in January 2014 after 2 month and from then on the first visitors came.
During 2014 we had no means at all to finish or even repair and maintain the treehouse and there were many other problems so that we couldn´t rent the place out.
In March 2015 we finally had to replace the roof and this time we used roofing sheets to make it last longer. The bridge was already becoming very unsound, but we were too busy this year with our new project and so the treehouse was further neglected. At least it had a save roof now.
Only in Januar 2016 we replaced the bridge with a smaller platform and a ladder that from now on let you enter the treehouse again safly. It is not as comfortable as the bridge was, but now while climbing up you can really feel how high the treehouse is in the tree. Since March we are renting the finally finished treehouse. You are warmly welcome.

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