Gotu Kola in small watermelonAll our food is locally grown organic and non-damaging vegan wholefood.

  • lactose free
  • gluten-free
  • sugar-free
  • gmo-free
  • oil- free
  • No frying, baking and roasting – only steaming, heating or boiling.

We are always trying to harvest fresh produce from our garden. Our target is to become more self-sufficient in the near future. We prefer local produce from the village or farmers market and select always seasonal fruits & vegetables. Our menue depends very much on the availability and seasons.
Let’s say Mangos are in full season: Suddenly and much naturally we become mono-eatersĀ and eat only Mangos for as long as it is satisfying. Who want to cook, if you can have as much Mangos as you like?
And how about the excitement if our neighbour is sending us a treeripe yellowish lovely smelling huge Jackfruit from Anusha’s favourite tree! That would mean only Jackfruit for days!

If you are looking for authentic sri lankan food that is not only tasty but healthy as well, then you have to go to grandmother or visit the treehouse. Anusha will prepare your food with much love and detail to make you feel at home instantly.
In our village people still prepare their food mostly from their gardens. Some very old traditional foods are still much alive here and are prepared at special occations. Simple village food can be very satisfying and delicious.
Of course Sri Lankans use a lot of spices that are grown on the island and you will experience the real taste of freshly prepared spices here. We have an interesting selection of exciting menues for you that are all accordingly to our philosophy of healthy wholefood.

Normally we offer just fruits, fruit slices or salads and smoothies in the morning. I will just grab a Papaya and Drink a Coconut after I come back from my first shift in the garden. If any of our guests need something else to wake up, we always offer green tea and if desired prepare a warm snack.

We serve Sri Lankan rice and curry for lunch. Make sure to try our different rice varities and find out your favourite one. I love “Madathawalu” rice or sweet potatos and normally eat it together with a green salad. We have a great varity of different curries and salads. Let us surprise you.

In the evening we prefer sweet potatos or other grains like milet with green salads. Sometimes beans or peas. But it could be also rice and curry or whatever we decide together with our guests. But after a few days we pretty much know what you like.

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