Traveling off the beaten track

Welcome to Uva Province – home of the treehouse.
Normally we day-trip around Uva Province in our freetime. With our personal traveling experience we can plan or guide any tour within the Uva Province.
My motherlanguage is german and my wife Anusha is Sri Lankan and speaks english as well. Let us welcome you at our privat residence.
Usually our guests stay longer and after a while we might plan a day-trip together with them.
If you like to travel alone we are happy to provide all the details you need along with some valuable inside tips. Waterfalls are one of our first choices when planning the next holiday trip in Uva.

Check out our article about the Uva Province. Anything that is 2 hours drive from our place and worth to visit is listed there. You can do a day trip on your own, with a driver or with us together. That could be really fun, because we know the best places around us and like to travel ourself.

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